The founder of our house was Anton Senoner da Vastlè. He had the Hotel Wolkenstein built with its own power station, called Doriva. The hotel was completed in 1906.

During the First World War the Austrian corps of mountain guides led by Officer Bart from Vienna was accommodated at the Hotel Wolkenstein, which, at the same time, served as military hospital. On the order of Emperor Charles investigations were carried out regularly.

After the War a wine merchant from Ala, Trento, bought the hotel and renamed it Hotel Grisi.

In the Second World War the hotel was converted into a school and girls’ boarding house.

After the War the new owner was master saddler Kusstatscher from Bolzano.

Since 1963 the Hotel Wolkenstein has been owned and managed by the Wörgarnter family from North Tyrol.

The adjoining house was once a mill called Villa Fanni, which was owned by Seppl da Vastlè. Today the original mill is called Villa Alpenrose and belongs to the Hotel Wolkenstein owned by the Wörgartner family.

Sigmund Freud

The father of the psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud spent his holidays in Hotel Wolkenstein.

On page 271 of his book Briefe 1873 bis 1939 you will find a letter to Jung.

Hotel Wolkenstein in St Christina, Gröden. 18 August 1907

"Dear Colleague, Until the end of August I shall stay here, hiking in the mountains and picking edelweiss; I shall not be returning to Vienna before the end of September.

Dr Freud"